Ground Delivery Routes

FedEx  revolutionized the small-package ground market in 1985 and has been on the go ever since. By being the first small-package ground carrier to use barcoding and automated sortation technology, the company provided customers with shipment data never before available. Now in the 21st century, the company remains the only small-package ground carrier operating a network of automated stations.

FedEx treats small-package shipping like the important business function it is. The result is win-win situation for every customer - competitive pricing with value-added technology.

Ground, Home Delivery & Line Haul

Contracting with Ground, independent businesses provide two types of services to its customers:

  1. Pickup and Delivery (P&D) — Using vans or small trucks, picking up packages from shippers and transporting to the local Ground station – and, from the destination station, delivering to business and residential recipients.
  2. Linehaul — Transporting Company owned trailers over the road from station to hub, hub to hub, and hub to station — and, in some cases, between customer locations and stations or hubs (“spotted trailers” or “spots”)

Each business contracts to provide service for line haul runs and spots, or pickup and delivery services for a contracted service area. These businesses purchase or lease their own vehicles and are responsible for hiring and training drivers and staff, and planning and executing the day-to-day operations. 


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